Roanoke, Virginia, United States


What's the "3 T's"?

Time,  Talent, and  Technology

Time equals money to ANY client, so this why we make it the first "T" in our list. Having a strategic plan in place (pre-production) is key to keeping costs low, unexpected expenditures may arise but at least a strong plan was initiated first. Depending on the scope of the project, the budget can vary greatly which is why it's crucial to "get your ducks in a row" prior to filming, to make it as streamline and less time consuming as possible.

Talent is also important, because truthfully, you want a fairly seasoned team working on your production. Experience is crucial.

Technology is a huge factor when budgeting a project. I've had requests from clients to use equipment (i.e.: cameras, lights, cranes, etc.) simply based off of "cool factor". We will make the best suggestions to acquire the look you are wanting, without breaking the budget. Once we save you money, and you're ready to make a Hollywood Blockbuster, then we'll take that next step! 

Instead of over-promising and under-delivering, Scorpion Pictures is modest, yet our goal is to provide a finished product that exceeds all expectations. From concepts to story-boarding, right into filming and post-production, we have you covered.